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Flooding – be prepared

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Fortunately, the local flooding experienced at Christmas 2015 was not repeated this year. However, we cannot be complacent as we move into the New Year.

Lancashire County Council has produced some useful advice on its website about how people can be more prepared for flooding. Flooding can never be totally prevented but, if you are prepared, the impact to people and property can usually be reduced.  The information can be accessed at www.lancashire.gov.uk/flooding and includes the following contact information:

Lancashire Police – 999If there is an immediate risk to life call the police.

Environment Agency Floodline – 0345 988 1188 – To report a flood or if your property is at risk of flooding from a reservoir, river or coastal water.

United Utilities – 0345 6723 723 – If flooding is from sewers or burst water mains.

Power cuts – 105 – To report a power cut or get updates if your electricity has been cut off. 

Lancashire County Council – 0300 123 6780 – If flooding is from highway drainage, surface water, groundwater or watercourses.


The following video contains some practical advice:


Flood investigation report – December 2015 floods

Lancashire County Council, as Lead Local Flood Authority, has now published district level reports which provide affected communities with information about what the relevant risk management authorities are doing in their areas to help manage the risk of flooding from a variety of sources.

The reports provide information on investigations undertaken at each of the affected locations, flood risk improvements already completed as well as opportunities for further investigation and investment in flood-prevention measures.  They also provide information for concerned homeowners and businesses on what they can do to help protect their own properties from flooding in the future.

The West Lancashire District Flood Report was published in November 2016 and can be found at http://www.lancashire.gov.uk/media/900009/west-lancashire-stage-2-report.pdf

Scarisbrick Parish Council would be interested to hear your views on the report.